Health and Fitness is my true passion, but this hasn’t always been the case. I used to hate going to the gym or training in general. This was until I got the satisfaction of results and seeing that I could make positive changes to my body and overall health.

Now, it is a massive part of my life, I live and breathe bodybuilding and everything health and fitness related. I have learnt a lot throughout the years of competing and becoming a level 4 personal trainer. My knowledge has further allowed me to now own a business doing 1-2-1 personal training and online coaching. The experience I have had is something I want to share, as having a healthy lifestyle can help change your life for the better.

To explain how fitness has helped me, you need to go back to 2018 when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. On my birthday, I had a severe seizure which left me in hospital for 2 weeks. Several more seizures, hospital visits and alot CPR later, I reflected on the situation. I set myself a plan. It was clear, get my life back on track, the only way I know how. Being healthy, training hard and setting acheiveble goals. Since then I have made sure that I’ve stuck to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

As much as cliché as it sounds, failure is the fuel the burns the fire. I didn't succeed at my first attempt at becoming pro, but I didn't give up. I worked hard, harder than anyone else and after a few competitions I reached my goal. In 2019 I won my IFBB Pro card at the Amateur Olympia in London, taking the overall win and title of British Bikini Champion.

My journey had proved how much this sport really means to me. Since then I have wanted to take on clients to help them achieve their goals, even if they thought it was out of site. Whether it be for personal achievement, improving fitness or combating health problems, enabling clients to get the results they’ve been wanting for so long provides a sense of pride if I have helped along the way.

Therefore, I have created this website as a service for people to get the most out of their training. The ability to give people more guidance, knowledge and satisfaction and ultimately see results.



My Journey to IFBB Pro




Alicante 2019 - My first overseas competition

2019. New Coach. New Category. IFBB.


Finding the right coach meant my 2019 got off to the best possible start.


May 2017 - PCA 2nd Place


September 2019 - My dream of gaining my pro card has become a reality.

2016 - My first bodybuilding competition

Placed 2nd in Mr & Mrs Hull - Trained Bikini

2018 saw me being diagnosed with epilepsy, which meant no competing for a full year.

September 2019 - My dream of gaining my pro card has become a reality.


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